Step into the realm of possibility, a warm and cozy space where you may take reprieve from the hustle of your world and sink into the subtle pulsing of your body’s aliveness.

Let the delicate force of my presence help to unwind any mental or physical tension so that you may continue your day more grounded, and with a renewed sense of peace and clarity.

With over 5 years of sensual bodywork experience, I use my hands, breath, voice, and intuition to create a safe environment for you to become more aware of your innate vitality.

Incorporating energy work into all my sessions, my bodywork style has been described as tender, relaxing, and hypnotic. While at times feeling mysteriously deep, my hand pressure is naturally on the lighter side so we’re not the best match if you’re looking for deep tissue work.

My offering is less overtly sexual and more holistically sensual. I love inspiring an energetic connection between your heart and your sexual energy.


I began both my studies in massage therapy and sensual bodywork in early 2010 in New York City. I took a break from my practice a few years after moving to northern California and began anew at the beginning of 2019. Over the years, I have taken part in numerous tantric, heart centered, and energetic immersions. I now continue to learn from various empathic healers & teachers as well as from my own ever deepening intuition and from everyone who comes to visit me here!