Every practitioner has different boundaries and, like the weather, these boundaries are perpetually changing. The sensual bodywork I offer is predominantly one-way touch, with you receiving. If you feel inspired to reciprocate, I enjoy gentle touch to my legs, arms, shoulders, and heart chakra. I feel most honored when you ask me first. I love cultivating an energetic connection during my sessions so please don’t misconstrue my boundaries for rigidity. I see them creating a safe space for honest intimacy to give root. My offering has the potential to help you connect more lovingly and authentically with yourself, which naturally flows to others in your life. It’s beautifully simple and I’d be honored to share it with you. 

Firm Boundaries: no kissing on the lips & no touching that which my garments cover. Whether I have seen you once or 100 times, these firm boundaries will not change.

I also offer a 90 minute non-sensual bodywork session that is 50% off my sensual bodywork donation. This offering is for those with more limited funds and/or for those who want to initially receive in a non-sensual way. Please note that you still need to fill out my screening form if you would like to schedule a non-sensual session. Thanks for understanding!