Thanks for taking the time to read these guidelines! They’ll help make our time together easy and graceful.

  • Sensuality is pulsing everywhere. It’s natural and beautiful and so very powerful. Let’s engage with this great force to cultivate more joy and healing in our lives!

  • Please do not arrive incredibly early & please text me if you’re running 5+ minutes late. Know that a late arrival of 15+ minutes may cut into your session time.

  • Please arrive sober and with your cell phone ringer off.

  • Please have your donation amount ready before your session and place it on my donation tray upon your arrival. **Donations are for my time only, and are not a fee or compensation.

  • Your session begins when you walk through my front door and ends when you walk out. I’m a really good listener and absolutely love connecting through conversation. If this is something that interests you, please schedule a longer session so we have the space to talk before and after you’re on the massage table.

  • Let me know if you’d like to take a shower after your session and I’ll end a few minutes early to accommodate.

  • I love what I offer and feel most comfortable when my session boundaries are honored. If I feel overtly disrespected, I will gently say something as I understand misunderstandings sometimes occur. If I continue to feel disrespected, I will lovingly ask you to leave my home. I’m generally very gracious, but my inner warrior (a.k.a. grounded frank speech) will arise if necessary. Please use common sense and politely ask me if you’re unsure of my boundaries. Hearing the words, “May I… ?” brings deep joy to my heart.

  • Though I do not offer the fantasy of a girlfriend experience, I am an incredibly open, honest, and loving human being and relish in deeply authentic connections within the session times that I offer.

  • Do not crudely review me online. In my perspective, it cheapens and objectifies our time together. If you enjoyed your experience, please feel free to share a few kind words.